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Open Car Moving Carrier Helps You With a Standard Transport

Call up each auto transporting company to see if it has a polite and helpful staff. Find out if satellite

Closed Auto Transport – Find out if you need it, compare different quotes and Save!!

If you want to make sure that your car stays clean, and avoids all highway wear and tear, then select

Expedited Auto Car Shipping – Faster But More Expensive, learn the pros and cons and get a Free quote

The expedited car shipping is one of the expensive methods of transport and people should use this service if they

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We can help you to get free, no-obligations auto transport quotes from reputable service providers, with a few clicks. You will only receive offers from pre-screened auto transport companies with outstanding customer ratings. There are no costs or commitments involved at all, and we will not give your contact details to anyone without your permission.

Car Transport – Additional Tips and Guides

Call up each auto transporting company to see if it has a polite and helpful staff. Find out if satellite tracking of moving trucks is available. This will allow you to track the progress of the truck in which your car is being moved.

An open auto transport trailer may be suitable for you if you have a standard vehicle. If you have an expensive car that needs extra protection, you can consider moving it in an enclosed auto transport trailer.

Your auto insurance may not cover damage that occurs while your vehicle is being moved. Ask the auto transport service about insurance coverage provided for your car, and about the procedure for lodging claims.

If it is not possible for a large auto transport truck to access your home, you can hand over your car at over at a more accessible spot like a parking lot, or at a terminal. Terminal to terminal auto shipping usually costs less than door to door shipping.

Clean Your Car Before The Auto Transport

Before you ship your car, remove all loose parts and antennas that don’t retract. See that it has less than a quarter tank of gas. Moving your possessions in your car is not permitted.

Check the car carefully and make a note of scratches, dents, and other deterioration. Take pictures from different angles, if possible. This will help you to lodge a claim if your car is damaged while it is in transit.

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