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Enclosed Carrier Quote


If you want to make sure that your car stays clean, and avoids all highway wear and tear, then select a car moving company that offers an enclosed carrier service. This option is best for expensive or rare vehicles.

Lets Compare:

Let us draw a comparison between both of them and try to understand the way your exotic car or sports car can be transported by the auto transport companies.

Open carrier: It is a mode of car transport in which our car will be loaded over a trailer and taken to its new location. Here no extra measures like packing your car, is not taken.

Closed car carrier: This is another mode of transporting your car where you car is loaded in an enclosed car carrier and taken to its new location. The enclosure around your car protects it from any damages that can occur during its transit.

Open carrier: In this mode of car transport you car is vulnerable to weather conditions like heavy rain, sunlight or wind. So, you have all probability o losing the peace of your mind while your exotic car is being transported to your new location.

Closed car carrier: In this mode your car is stacked away in an enclosed trailer where extreme weather conditions like hat and rain will not be able to touch it. So your lovely car will obviously be delivered without any scratch. Opting for this service will definitely allow you a good night’s sleep while your exotic car is on its way to your new residence.

Open carrier: You have to pay only a small sum for an open carrier transport of your vehicle. This is quite an economic option for times when you are facing a cash crunch scenario.

Closed car carrier: This is definitely a costly option and you have to dole out something around $400 dollar to avail a closed carrier service.

Both the services are fine and it totally depends on your choice and preference. If you are not economically handicapped then it is better to opt for the closed carrier service as it provides better protection to your car.

Closed Car Carrier Vs Open Carrier:

If you are decided to shift your base from one location to another then you must have already researched a lot about the house moving companies. OK, you are more worried about you furniture than your sports car! Have you ever thought how you are going to take your car to your new location? Yes, it is very important to plan about how you are going to take our car to your new location.

If you are ready to drive your old ‘Merc’ 500 miles straight while allowing it to huff and puff down the highway then it’s just fine. Go ahead! But if you are someone like me, who gives more importance to the well being of the car, then you will also need to research about auto transport companies.

Car shipping or auto transport companies are those that pack your car on long trailers and take it to its new location. There are mainly two types of vehicle transport system that most car shipping companies offer. The first service is known as open carrier and the other is known as closed carrier. There is a basic difference between both of them in the way they load and pack the car to be transported. This is the reason that people often get confused on which to choose and which not to.

Can you afford to hand over your car to an unknown auto transport company without doing a background check, getting more then one quote or comparing different companies? It pays to look for an automotive transport company with a good track record, rather than to choose a service provider only on the basis of the lowest bid.

A professional auto transportation company will take good care of your car and will deliver it on time.

You need to start looking for reputable automobile transport companies well before moving day. This will give you enough time to shop around and compare auto shipping quotes from a few reputable service providers. If you leave it too late, you may not be able to find a dependable automobile transport company that will deliver your car within the required time frame.

Take time to check the credentials and reputation of the auto transportation companies. Verify the licensing and insurance details of the service providers, and call up references to find out about their performance.

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