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Preparing Your Car for Transport

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Transporting is a question that can either leave you exasperated and exhausted or it can provide a huge fillip to your spirits; everything depends on finding the right car moving company. Though the larger part of the responsibility for transporting your car lies with the auto transporting company, but you too have to prepare car in such a way that it facilitates its smooth transit.

Transportation of your car is susceptible to damages and it is completely your responsibility to prepare your car in a way that even if your car faces an untoward incident on its way, it can come out with minimum damage. If there are any damages then the car moving company is liable to pay you. So, you need to ensure that you have all the documents ready to put your claims in the court of law.

Many people feel that it is a cumbersome job to get the car ready for the auto shipping and it is in fact a very interesting job to get your car ready for its d-day.

Here are a few tips to rev up the way you prepare car for its shipping:

  • It is very important that you call up your auto transport and get their guidelines on getting your car ready for transport. Well, I am definitely going to tell you what to do but an opinion from the car shipping company will definitely be filled with specific information. Since, the auto transport companies are particularly aware about the problems that your vehicle can face in the roads and also they have the expertise in shipping vehicles.
  • Check your car for any types of prior damages before you transport your vehicle. Take note of all the damages and keep it away carefully to be used in case you need to press the car moving company for the damages. Do not forget to take snaps of the damaged areas, to keep tem as evidence.
  • Do not forget to remove all your personal belongings from the car to ensure safe journey of the car. This is because if any thing is left inside the car can slide to either side and damage the interiors.
  • Check the air pressure in the tires and also recharge your car’s batteries. Do not forget to disable the alarm system, so that the professionals handling your car can work smoothly. If you forget to disable the alarm then it will keep ringing through the whole journey if someone touches it even once.
  • The gas tanks are to be filled emptied to ¼ of its capacity to ensure that your car weighs less and can be carried easily atop a trailer.
  • Fold all the mirrors and also cove the windscreen with a tarp to protect the windscreen.
  • Any damages that occur to your car while loading or unloading are to be recorded and this will act as evidence in case there are any other damages that you note after it is delivered to you.

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Can you afford to hand over your car to an unknown auto transport company without doing a background check, getting more then one quote or comparing different companies? It pays to look for an automotive transport company with a good track record, rather than to choose a service provider only on the basis of the lowest bid.

A professional auto transportation company will take good care of your car and will deliver it on time.

You need to start looking for reputable automobile transport companies well before moving day. This will give you enough time to shop around and compare auto shipping quotes from a few reputable service providers. If you leave it too late, you may not be able to find a dependable automobile transport company that will deliver your car within the required time frame.

Take time to check the credentials and reputation of the auto transportation companies. Verify the licensing and insurance details of the service providers, and call up references to find out about their performance.

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